Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New illustrations!

I've been pretty busy lately.  Lots of drawing, and lots of organizing - or at least trying to.  Now that my youngest has started first grade, I have grand dreams of finally getting my house clean. (pray for me - I'll need it!)  While trying to file away my drawings, I've discovered all sorts of things that need just a little of this or a little of that to be ready to put here on the blog for you, or in the Etsy shop.  Here are two of them that I put in the shop today: 

The first one is a set of 9 printable coloring pages.  I've done them here and there over the last year or so.  Since I recently got called as a primary teacher I have a new found appreciation for coloring pages.  I've done several other things for my class that will make an appearance here shortly too. :)
If you happen to purchase this, I'd love to see your finished coloring.  Maybe I'll post a few!

The second one is just a remake of an oldie but a goodie.  I've done "Do As I'm Doing" action cards and dice before.  They are both still available for free right here.  There's no need for you to buy this set unless you really prefer it to the older sets.  I made the cards square so that they can be used either for cards or mod-podged onto blocks as dice.

Like I said, there are many more that will be coming in the near future.  I'm also still working on things for next year's primary theme.  Check back often to see what's coming. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Say What?


I need some help.

I am working on posters and bookmarks etc.  For next year's primary theme "CHOOSE THE RIGHT"  If you speak a language other that English that you would like me to create materials for, please leave a translation for me in the comments below.  And please let me know what language it is! Last year I really screwed up trying to translate the theme into Spanish.  I'd like to avoid that this year, so any help would be appreciated.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gotta get organized.

Today I am trying to put my drawings into files.  For the past maybe two years (?) I've just been stuffing them all into this green thing after I scan them.  It's gotten way too full.  I'd started stacking papers on top.  I think it's impressive that all my drawing creates such a big chunk of paper.  Mind you, I've already put about 6 inches worth into the files.  What's left is about 8 inches!

This is my new helper Gus.  His puppy teething/chewing phase is another reason I need to get these safely into files.  

The good news is, I've found a handful of drawings already that I haven't done anything with.  So there may be some new things showing up on the blog soon. 

So, what are you doing today?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Camille's Primary Ideas

Camille, from Camille' shared one of her ideas with me.  She is putting together a fun game of Pin-Moroni-on-the-Temple for her singing time.  You can check out her post here.  I have put together a little kit for the game in my Etsy shop.

It includes a 16x20 poster of the Salt Lake temple, moroni pins numbered 1-12, and a blank moroni (with no number) The Set is $5, but if you use the coupon code CAMILLE you can get 20% off.

For those of you who don't want to spend money, but still want to make a game for yourself, you can use my older illustration of the Salt Lake temple that is available for free here on my blog.This image is much smaller that 16x20, but if you want it that big I have heard from others that it prints that large quite nicely.

and here is an angel moroni that you can print.  You can either print it on yellow paper, or if you are so inclined, you can print it on white paper and color it yourself. :) 

the Angel Moroni coloring page

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Just a few random drawings for you.

I was looking through my drawings the other day and found a few random things I've never done anything with, or at least that I haven't shared here.  So, I'm posting them here in the hopes that some of you will have use for them. 

"If you don't walk like most people do, some people laugh and point at you, but I won't, I won't"
"If you don't talk like most people do, some people walk away from you, but I won't, I won't."

I started doing some illustrations for the primary song "I'll walk with you"  But, for some reason I never finished.  Anyway, these are the illustrations.  If you have some use for them:

Captain Moroni

Primary Class

This is one of my favorites.  While I don't do custom work anymore, I got a request from a woman visiting a tiny little branch in Africa.  The missionaries there needed things for their primary and she couldn't find many church materials with sweet little African children on them.  Things like that just melt my heart.  It makes me feel like I'm being a missionary in a small sort of way.

Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 primary song memory game

Another new kit in the Etsy shop.

Remember- you can use the coupon code JUN2016 to get 20% off anything in my shop. :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Utah Temples

You may remember that back in April I asked you which temple is 'your' temple.  I got lots of great responses!  I started illustrating them back then.  (I'm working on a handful of other projects at the same time.)   Many answers were temples in Utah, so I started with those and have just now finished illustrating all the Utah Temples - except the newly announced Cedar City temple.  If you left your name and email address in the comments, I have emailed you 'your' temple.  For those of you who mentioned temples outside of Utah, be patient.  I will keep working at it.  You will get an illustration of your temple too!  I made these Utah temples into a set for my Etsy shop.  If you are interested in buying it, you can use the coupon code JUN2016 to get 20% off your purchase till the end of this month. Can you name all 16 temples in Utah?